Hookers!!! Shotguns!!! Nuff said…

Hookers. Shotguns. A bionic pimp. Demon piss.

That’s what you can look forward to in my new short film, BLOODY HOOKER BANG BANG: A LOVE STORY. Yup.

I teamed up with cinematic partner-in-crime David Paul Bonnell to create short films for The Collective, Vol. 4 – a collection of 10 films from 10 independent filmmakers all based around the same concept. The theme for this volume was “Emotions.” So David and I came up with the idea to interconnect our tales, with the same cast, and they’d combine as a double feature that continues one story. Each of us would write and direct one. And so we journeyed out to Applebees and drank bourbon. Next thing we knew, our shorts were born.

David’s short that he wrote/directed is called HAPPY HOOKER BANG BANG, it’s part one of the tale. In it we meet Envy, whose roommate, Desire, is a hooker. Envy is jealous of Desire. One night she decides to pretend to be the lady of the night in question when the phone rings, and heads out to a private party. Unfortunately the party is held by inbred psychopaths who have a taste for hookerflesh.

Shortly thereafter is where BLOODY HOOKER picks up (part two), following the girls as they try to escape the deranged family Crowe who rules the corrupt town they reside in (the favorite son was the psychopath in David’s short). They team up with a slick bionic pimp named Silky and a superbattle ensues. Lots of folks get dead.

We were obviously going for a 70s/80s grindhouse shtick here. We wanted to make something sleazy, ridiculous, and fun. I feel like we were successful. We locked in for a long 4 day weekend shoot and filmed both shorts concurrently. David and I mostly wrote the script with the actors already in mind. We brought on a lot of THREE TEARS ON BLOODSTAINED FLESH alum. The shoot was grueling. But a total freaking blast. How can you not have fun making this kinda stuff?

David and I are pleased with the cuts for the collection. They’re shorter, abbreviated versions of the scripts (the shorts for the collection had to come in at 10 minutes). The Collective cuts premiered at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis on Saturday, July 7th,  2012. We’re both re-editing extended director’s cuts of the shorts that complete the story as we originally envisioned it and will be releasing a special edition double feature DVD that contains both cuts of both shorts and extra features, available in the near future.

Press has been very good so far! Check out the review links up at http://cinephreakpictures.com/reviews.html

In the meantime, be sure to check out the films’ pages on IMDb and “Like” them both on Facebook for photos and updates!

HAPPY HOOKER on Facebook


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