Yeah… I’ve been quiet for some time now. Apologies to those sacred few of you who hang on the edge of anticipation, itching for updates on all things Cinephreak (you might want to get that checked out, btw). So I’m going to try and play a bit of catch up here. Cause a lot of crap has been going down. There’s a good reason I haven’t updated in awhile… Jake’s been making and planning a lot of stuffs.

Regarding OBSOLESCENCE : the film has finished it’s festival run (the DVD is in the works… more on that as it’s available), and our very own Jen Lilley has taken off quite a bit! She’s now a regular on ABC’s General Hospital and was in a little film called THE ARTIST (which you know, only won Best Picture, Actor, and Director at the Academy Awards).  Congrats, Jen!

In November of 2011 I shot my sophomore feature, a horror film titled THREE TEARS ON BLOODSTAINED FLESH. It’s a modern, Midwestern giallo that tells the tale of a man who returns to the small town he’s long since abandoned to bury his niece, who’s recently passed away. Convinced her death wasn’t an accident, he starts probing about the town to uncover the truth. In doing so, he discovers their dark secrets, which may be more than he bargained for. I’ll be posting a separate blog about the shoot and film itself. But for now, you can check out an interview with yours truly by Matthew Saliba at Rogue Cinema here: and listen to an interview with Gruesome Hertzogg and myself here: Oh, and make sure to check out the film on IMDb and Like it on Facebook!

I’ve also signed on to Joe Atkinson’s THE BOOK OF DALLAS. Joe wrote the series and is producing it through his Court Street Productions. I’ll be serving as a producer, and as director/editor for three of the episodes. DALLAS is a 10 episode web series that tells the story of Dallas McKay, your average 20-something newspaper reporter: Single, liberal, and unabashedly atheist. But when a truck smacks into him in a bar parking lot, he wakes up in Heaven and – after uttering a few choice profanities – finds himself face-to-face with the God he doesn’t believe exists. But God isn’t out for vengeance; He’s concerned that His message has been lost in a swarm of religious zealotry, and sends Dallas back to Earth to write and sell a new, improved religious text. *Like the project on Facebook!

I also teamed up with P.J. Starks on his latest film, MY HORROR PROJECT. I co-wrote the script with P.J. and am serving as executive producer… and actor. Gulp. Grant, a documentary filmmaker, along with his trusty cinematographer David and two Producers rent an alleged demonically possessed home with a very sordid past. While the Producers are hoping to cash in on what could be the next supernatural reality phenomenon, Grant has other plans. A harsh skeptic, Grant plans to make an over budgeted spook house flop to prove a point; that ghosts don’t exist and to shatter the mythos of the “haunted house” once and for all. It isn’t long before Grant begins to discover the malevolent secrets hidden within the walls of the decrepit Victorian manor. As the mystery unfolds and the body count rises Grant is forced to make a deadly choice; let his film die or finish what he’s started and see this project to the grisly end! MY HORROR PROJECT… an experiment in fear. *Like the film on Facebook!

And recently I spent a weekend shooting TWO short films which will be entries on Jabb Pictures’s THE COLLECTIVE VOL. 4. I wrote and directed one, and the other is written and directed by resident brother-in-awesomesauce David Bonnell. Two badass little grindhouse shorts about hookers with shotguns. They’re going to be a blast (haha lolz). Anyway, I’ll be posting a specific blog about that soon, too.

There’s plenty more awesome in the pipeline, kiddies. Right now I’ve got stuff laid ahead that will take me through 2013. Get ready… here comes the crazy. To be continued for now…

~ by cinephreakpictures on October 11, 2012.

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