The Cinephreak has slacked. At least on the Blog front… So for those few of you who actually frequent these ramblings: I apologize. May the following superclusteredmassupdate pacify your brewing contempt.

The film’s having a helluva year. It had its first public screening at the May Day Film Festival @ USI back on April 29, 2011 and was received quite well by the audience. Apparently the judges dug it too: it won Best Horror or SciFi Film, Best Actor in a Horror/SciFi Film (Luca Ellis) and Best Actress in a Horror/SciFi Film (Rosalind Rubin). All in all, a very fun night! Pics HERE

It also played at the 2011 InConJunction Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention in Indianapolis, as well as the 2011 Gen Con Indy Film Festival in Indianapolis.  May 13, 2011 it played as part of a Friday the 13th Double Feature @ USI with Owensboro’s own PJ Starks and his film A MIND BESIDE ITSELF (event poster awesomeness HERE!). PJ and I participated in an audience Q&A afterwards. Both films were very well-received and the Q&A was a blast. The shenanigans were recorded and may eventually end up available for your viewing… time shall tell. In the meantime, pics HERE.  It also played as a Double Feature with fellow Indiana filmmaker Kevin Chenault’s debut feature  YOUNG ISLANDS, at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater in Bloomington on July 24, 2011 (poster of awesome HERE!).


  • Both OBSOLESCENCE and FOXXY MADONNA VS THE BLACK DEATH will play at the B-Movie Celebration in Franklin, IN Sept 23-25, 2011
  • OBSOLESCENCE will play in the Homegrown Hoosier Film Festival in Anderson, IN on Sept 24, 2011
  • OBSOLESCENCE will play in the River City Festival Of Films in Owensboro, KY on Oct 15, 2011

Josh Samford did an in-depth interview with yours truly for Rogue Cinema. Check it out HERE

Marx Pyle was kind enough to sit down and do an interview with me for an article for SciFi Pulse about OBSOLESCENCE. Check that out HERE

I was a guest on J Trav Radio for a show called “Shades of Bilinski” (awesome!). You can listen to the podcast HERE

A lot of exciting things are on the horizon. I’m nearing completion on the (quite epic) feature-length (2.5 hours) documentary on the making of fellow Indiana filmmaker Zack Parker’s latest feature, SCALENE (Now available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray! Order yours HERE). Buy the Blu-ray. With this documentary, you’ll officially get two awesome movies for the price of one!

I’m continuing work on editing an independent feature out of Indianapolis, too. More on that as it develops!

I’m up to my neck in development on new projects. A lot of things are still being worked out, but heads up: Jake’s got multiple new films coming your way. Some are coming very soon. I’ll save the major details for specific blog posts, but keep your eyes peeled. Cinephreaky goodness is on the way…

And now you can get your updates on Twitter – Follow us HERE!!!

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