The Cinephreak has slacked on the blog updates. The reason for this is good, though. 2010 has been the most insanely productive (read: busy) year in… well, years. Here’s the update and recap:

My first feature film was released on DVD. Insert applause here. If you haven’t picked up your copy of SHADE OF GREY, you can do so @ Amazon, Best Buy.com, Borders.com, BarnesandNoble.com, DVD Empire, and most everywhere DVDs are sold online. The rather brilliant original score is also available on CD through composer Christopher John De Mory’s website. ***AND PLEASE ADD THE FILM TO YOUR NETFLIX QUEUE!!!*** Even if you’ve bought a copy and/or have already seen it. It helps increase demand and supports the film. Doing so will make you sexy and help prevent you from getting crabs when sitting down in unidentified stains. BOOM! (A few of you got that… hopefully).

The response to the TRAILER has been overwhelmingly positive (thank you guys!). The film is progressing nicely, despite the delays I’ve encountered through post-production (due to demands both professional and personal). I’m getting closer to a completed edit, and have already begun sending scenes to my composer, Christopher John De Mory, to initialize the scoring process. The music I’ve heard from him thus far is pretty damned incredible. Very different and much more progressive than his work on Shade of Grey (which I was insanely pleased with). More to come on this soon…

Throughout April and May I’d been trekking regularly to Richmond, IN to hang out on the set of my good friend Zack Parker‘s third feature film, SCALENE, which just wrapped principal photography on May 25th, 2010. SCALENE is a perceptual thriller, which stars Margo Martindale (Million Dollar Baby, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, “Dexter,” “Hung”), Hanna Hall (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Forrest Gump, The Virgin Suicides), and Adam Scarimbolo (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Lymelife). I’ve worked with Zack a few times over the years – I edited the making-of documentary (directed by Brandon Owens) on his last film QUENCH, co-edited the trailer for that film, edited (without him knowing… ha!) the parody trailer for the film, and he and I screened a one-night-event double feature of SHADE OF GREY and QUENCH back in March 2009 at the Indiana State Museum (on the IMAX screen!), which you may remember. This time out, I’m directing/shooting/editing the feature-length behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of SCALENE (a documentary which is looking to be quite epic thus far). Basically that means I got to be the set stalker. It was a blast to see this production in action, and I’m very excited for what Zack’s accomplished here – I saw a lot of the dailies and this thing looks pretty amazing. The cast & crew were some of the coolest people you could have to hang out with on a shoot. Made a lot of new friends on this one. The plan is to carry this documentary through the film’s post-production and festival run stages, so this will be an ongoing project. Though, I’ve already got a slew of incredible footage to use. I’ve uploaded photos from the shoot to Facebook, which you can see HERE. Big thanks to Zack for bringing me out on this project. More to come on this baby as it develops…

I snuck off to Indianapolis a few weeks back to direct a new music video for the latest single from my good friends in STATE, titled “Hotel Canvas.” David Barajas (Chalkboard himself! For those of you in the know of all things FOXXY MADONNA VS THE BLACK DEATH) and myself developed the concept for the video, and I’m pretty stoked about how it all came together. A 70s grindhouse-esque flick (which fits with their last music video I directed, “Summerdale”) that’s sort of a badass/psycho girls’ revenge tale. It connects their previous music videos for “She Dreams of You” (directed by Matt Mays) and “Summerdale.” The shoot was a blast, and went very smoothly, despite being a long, grueling day (we were at it from 9am to 1:30am). Bruises, bloodstains and dismemberment abounded that day (the latter of which was simulated… not so much the two former). Everyone gave 110% on this shoot – a BIG thanks go out to David, Ben, Matt, Adrienne, Danelle and Jo for all your hard work and enthusiasm! An extra thanks goes out to Jo and her husband for letting us use their awesome house for the day! I’m pretty excited about how this one’s going to come together. The footage looks GREAT (my first endeavor shooting in HD… bonus). Look for the finished slice of cinematic debauchery later this summer!

I hit up the 2010 Kentucky Derby for BourbonBlog.com‘s coverage of the parties, events, and general awesomeness. I put all the links to the videos (which are done) for this and some previous BourbonBlog episodes in a separate blog, which you can check out HERE.

I’m prepping a few other side projects, am in talks for a couple other potential videos, and hope to be announcing something I’m particularly excited for, in the near future. Translation on all of this: Jake’s plotting. Plotting sexy things. In the meantime I’m focusing on getting OBSOLESCENCE and the “HOTEL CANVAS” video out there next. Stay tuned, kids… 2010 is only half over.


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