Cinephreak BourbonBlog Videos From New York! And More! LOTS OF VIDEOS HERE!

Been meaning to post this for awhile now… So as you may remember from THIS BLOG, I joined host/owner Tom Fischer for the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival in Manhattan ( back in January for lots o video coverage, and mass ingestion of great food and drink. Well the videos are finally done, and so here’s the links to the festival coverage, as well as the pieces we did on some great New York bars/hotspots:

PREVIEW VIDEO (Sneak peek at what’s to come)

FESTIVAL VIDEO (This is one of the best ones, in my opinion – covers the bulk of the festival)

COCKTAIL & DISCUSSION WITH ANTHONY CAPORALE (Hanging out with the man himself, from


BLUE SMOKE & JAZZ STANDARD (An all-access video of this amazing restaurant/bar/jazz club)

BRANDY LIBRARY (Seriously one of the coolest places I’ve ever been…)

CHAR NO. 4 (A great bar/hangout)

Also, here are blogs Tom wrote covering BLUE SMOKE & BRANDY LIBRARY, and the FESTIVAL.

I also did two subsequent videos for, which I think are pretty interesting. Check them out below:

NEW MAKER’S MARK BOURBON! (An interview with Master Distiller Kevin Smith talking about the new Maker’s Mark expression, due out this summer… we got to taste it… awesome)

FOUR ROSES PRIVATE BARREL SELECTION PROGRAM (An all-access look at the program, where you get to pick out, with the Master Distiller,  and purchase your own barrel of one of the recipies of Four Roses Bourbon!)

That’s all for now… More to come throughout the year! Enjoy, and drink up…

Thanks to Tom Fischer, and the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival. Be sure to check out for more awesomeness!


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