So I’m incredibly behind on posting the slew of updates on SHADE OF GREY. First, and most exciting…


That’s right… After a successful 2009 festival run, and having been received to very positive reviews, Shade of Grey will finally be available for you to own on DVD, courtesy of the fine folks at Celebrity Video Distribution. The DVD (with exciting bonus features) will be out March 9, 2010 at all major online retailers, and Netflix. For those of you early shoppers, it’s now available for pre-order on most places DVDs are sold online, but since most people are likely to shop at Amazon, here’s the link.

Also, I’ve designed a new poster for the film, which will serve as the DVD cover. Checkity-check below!

I’m also working on a special Bonus DVD which will be loaded with additional bonus features (including the infamous feature-length Making Of documentary chronicling the insane principal photography phase) that won’t fit on the movie disc. This DVD will NOT contain the movie, and will be available sometime after the film is released. This isn’t intended to be a double-dip scam, both discs are very different. This is happening because there’s too much fun crap to fit on the main release, and I can’t justify the higher price of putting out a mega-ultra Special Edition. So you can choose for yourself – if you want just the movie and some key features you can buy the DVD. If you happen to want the complete Shade of Grey experience, you can also nab the bonus DVD (I’ll be self distributing this at a lower price). Rest assured, both discs will be loaded with awesome. More on that later…

And lastly, I’ve also cut a new, final trailer for the film, which you can watch below either via Youtube or Vimeo.



If you’re not already a fan of the film on Facebook, do it now! Get excited and mark your calendars… March 9, 2010. It’s going down. Stay tuned for more awesome.


~ by cinephreakpictures on February 1, 2010.

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