“CAP 1’S SE7EN” Promotional Music Video Trailer NOW UP!

A little while back I was contacted by rap/horrorcore artist Cap 1 (www.myspace.com/smokeboxent666) about potentially doing a full-length music video movie to accompany his latest album, “Se7en.” With time and budget constraints, we settled on me making a promo trailer for the project, to test the waters, potentially leading into the full-scale endeavor. So I set out to find a rag-tag cast/crew to shoot this thing, and ended up with a fine group consisting of (alphabetically) Craig Boldman, David Boone, Sonny Burnette, Dustin Cates, Samantha DeTurk, Stacey Gillespie, Jonathan Jones, Stefania Marcone, and Kayla Perkins – also with assistance from Tabatha Pack and Michelle Perkins-Couch. We shot the sucker in June in Louisville, in one day. And twas a blast. A very renegade/guerilla style shoot, I had the sequences worked out ahead of time, but we still improvised a lot of it. I encouraged the gang to remain very open-minded about the shoot, since it’s structure was so loose, compared to most productions. I approached the project with very few rules, embracing the silent-film music video done in the vein of a 48 Hour Film shoot (this is what we have available, how do we utilize it, etc) as a very freeing, cathartic directing/shooting exercise. And since we were making a trailer for something that doesn’t exist yet… we could kind of do whatever we wanted. I had a lot of fun doing this video, and honestly consider it to be one of the most trouble-free, efficient shoots I’ve had – and we shot VERY fast. Everything sort of just “clicked” on set. What a novel concept…

A BIG special thanks goes out to Jonathan Jones for all your hard work in helping arrange casting for this, and to David Boone for finding and securing all the locations, as well as arranging catering for the shoot! And thanks to Flanagan’s Ale House for providing all the ridiculously tasty pizza!

The video is online now, and you can watch it below via Youtube or Vimeo, whichever you prefer. Enjoy!



~ by cinephreakpictures on November 4, 2009.

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