Cinephreak on Bourbon

Last week I got asked to go on a last minute trek to Bardstown, KY to shoot some videos covering the Kentucky Bourbon Festival for – a site run by Tom Fischer. I’d only just met Tom, but this sounded like a fun gig. Free drinks and a road trip – I’m game. So next thing I know, I find myself deep in Bourbon Country. I was only there for 2 1/2 days of the fest, but I had a blast. We attended several parties, were treated to several fine meals (courtesy of Jim Beam), toured the Maker’s Mark distillery, hung out with the Master Distillers from each company, hung out with Whiskey Professors (actual job title, no joke… awesome), got to sample a plethora of really good bourbon and whiskey (and were educated on the differences), and learned a lot about the process, culture, and industry of all things bourbon. Having the press-pass treatment didn’t hurt either, since we got into everything free (along with all the other press/PR people – a diverse crowd… had people from the Food Network,, and several other websites and magazines – people even came from Canada, Australia, Japan, and France for this). Oh, and we got shuttled around on a party bus, which was awesome. I’m told it originally had a stripper pole in the middle but was removed at the request of the PR girls. Probably a good idea since a ridiculous amount of bourbon was constantly being served. So alas, no pictures of Stripper Jake for you. Each night after whatever party/event/tour/meal we attended, the PR girls had a portable bar setup in the hotel lobby, with bottles of pretty much every brand of bourbon/whiskey we were exposed to that week (…there were a lot). So glasses were continually refilled (again… for free) with new tastes and varieties, while all the press people got to mingle and hang out and play cards, which eventually progressed into us all playing a very socially lubricated game of Bullshit. After one of these bouts, Tom and I watched Bruno for the first time, which forced laughter so hard it resulted in a headache. The whole thing was a really fun, and educational, experience, and I got to meet a lot of really cool people. Big thanks to Tom for bringing me out on this. Stop by to check out the videos I shot/edited from the festival. The first several are up, and more are on the way.

~ by cinephreakpictures on September 28, 2009.

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