Blood Tribe Music Video Release

I’ve finished the music video for “In Fair Verona” by Blood Tribe off their upcoming album, “Re-Pulse” (from Dark Harvest Records) and am pretty happy with it. I’ve had some trusted sources tell me it’s the best “looking” music vid I’ve done (thanks, baby!). It was a lot of fun to do, and an interesting change of pace, as a lot of the videos I’ve been brought on to do lately have been rap (which I enjoy, but diversity’s nice).

We filmed back in mid-June, and the shoot went very smoothly. Except for the damn ticks. We apparently decided to shoot smack in the middle of some sort of orgiastic tick super-hive. Ignoring the several I pulled off myself throughout the day, I discovered upwards of 20 bastard-suckers drinking the lifeblood when I got home. Fun. Thankfully, no Lyme disease for me. The rest of the band had reports in similar numbers, as the demonic arachnid-leeches were apparently determined to feed on the blood of Blood Tribe that day. Seriously… screw nature. I can’t speak highly enough of the band. These guys are total metal-heads, and were a blast to work with. I’ve actually grown quite fond of this track and can vouch that they’ve got a helluva presence as performers. I can’t post the video yet, as it’s being premiered at the upcoming release party, but here’s a taste…

Come on out and see for yourselves – September 25th @ The Duck Inn in Evansville, IN is the release party. Blood Tribe and special guests will be performing, and you can witness the official debut of the video yourself! I’ll have the video online on as well as Youtube and Vimeo shortly after the party. Be on the lookout. It’ll rock your balls off… or at least rock the ticks off them.

Visit Blood Tribe at
Visit Dark Harvest Records at


~ by cinephreakpictures on September 3, 2009.

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