“Sick Made” video release

The first music video I finished this year was for Reverend Fang Gory’s “Sick Made” (www.fanggory.com), a somewhat psychotic piece structured more like a horror film than your average performance piece. Rev (everyone else calls him Fang Gory) introduced me to this genre of music called “horrorcore” – which I had not previously heard of.  It started off with me getting a random email from Rev’s cousin saying “Hey! We need a music video!” and next thing I know I’m riding around town with them listening to the track, which is pretty much about killing… well, everyone. We’re discussing the video and what locations we should get and suddenly this coal-black beast of an automobile, which looks like a cross between a hearse and a low-end, old school Batmobile, passes us. Glynn (Rev’s cousin) tailgates the guy, honking like mad, signaling that he should pull over. I duck in the back, sure that we’re about to get shot. Glynn jumps out and asks the guy if we can use his car for this music video we’re shooting. The guy’s like “yeah, totally.”

I mention this story not just because it’s how we got the car that Rev drives in the video, but because that’s pretty much how the whole production was. These guys called in favors, weren’t afraid to do what it takes to turn a no into a yes, and brought a fantastic group of extras for the scenes, and somehow convinced everyone to let us use their locations (be they homes or businesses) with no hassle… it was kind of insipiring. Everyone was just so excited to be a part of the video, they really gave their all. It was interesting, having everyone show up in psycho clown makeup, wielding machetes, axes, knives, guns (one dude brought weaponry that I think was once used to fight dragons) and angrily attack on cue (there are three big kill scenes in the video). All joking aside – the nicest group of people you could meet.

So after I get the video edited and all’s done and ready to go, I get tickets in the mail to a video release party on June 5, 2009. I show up and find myself thoroughly impressed. They went all out. It was at the Event Gallery, an old, vintage-looking theater building in Evansville. The entire place had been decorated like it was some sort of Halloween Haunted House catacomb (thanks to the Nick Nackery!). Cash bar in the back, finger foods served on trays by girls dressed up like minions of Harley Quinn, and live music from roundabout five groups throughout the night (including Rev). And then the video played (the ten-minute low-budget epic that it is… someone referred to it as the “Thriller” of horrorcore videos… I’ll take it). Everyone went nuts, apparently they loved it. People were coming up to me afterwards and shaking my hand, telling how impressed they were. It was very humbling. I’m glad it went over so well, it was a nice evening for Rev (and me too). Kudos Rev, you showcased our work in style! I enjoyed directing this and am quite proud of how it all came together.  Check out the video if you haven’t already (insert MATURE CONTENT warning here).




~ by cinephreakpictures on August 24, 2009.

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